And on Tuesday, Oxygen gave us two trailers!!!!

Here are some unseen gifs from the epic BGC12 Trailer & BGASB2 Trailer!

Feel free to use them, I’m not greedy LOL.

Gif 1: Britt vs replacement, Delila (Idk if thats her name) - K.O. PUNCH

Gif 2: Red Vs Jada - Don’t fuck w/ Red LOL, Erika tease, right in the temple

Gif 3: Camilla Vs Elease - Still the same Camilla, killing her!

Gif 4: Camilla Vs Elease - Sneak attack, like I said same Camilla LOL

Gif 5: Nancy, Dani, Rocky, & Andrea holding Paula back from killing Stephanie Alicia

Gif 6: Loren vs Jada (Red seperating) - It looks like they fight for like 2 minutes LOL

Enjoy! ;)